15th International Congress of Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology

Monday 17 July
Tuesday 18 July
Wednesday 19 July
Thursday 20 July
Friday 21 July

Keynote (MEM)

Dr Liping Zhao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Dr Cynthia He, National University of Singapore, Singapore
The Long and Winding Road from Poxvirus Tropism to Oncolytic Virotherapy
Prof Grant McFadden, University of Florida, USA

Bridging Session
Frontiers in Structural Microbiology

Prof Carlos Bustamante, University of California, USA
Dr Eric Westhof, Université de Strasbourg, France
Prof Erica Saphire, The Scripps Research Institute, USA

Workshop Sessions 1

Bioprospecting / Secondary Metabolism
Decrypting Fungal Natural Products
Vito Valiante, Hans Knöll Institute, Germany
Ren Xiang Tan, Nanjing University, China
Common Themes for Human, Animal and Plant Pathogens I
Prof Ricardo Gazzinelli, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil
Dr Tom Dawson, A*STAR, Singapore

Workshop Sessions 2

Biofilms and Multikingdom Interactions
Gordon Ramage, University of Glasgow, UK
Patrick van Dijck, Institute of Botany and Microbiology, Belgium
Takashi Sugita, Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Japan
Norman Pavelka, A*STAR, Singapore

“Omics”, Biodiversity & Ecology

Diversity and Evolution of Decay Mechanisms in Mushroom-Forming Fungi
A/ Prof David Hibbett, Clark University, USA
Prof Bernard Slippers, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Cell and Molecular Biology

Sergio Schenkman, Unifesp, Brazil
Yue Wang, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Food / Edible Mushrooms / Fermentations / Safety

The Origin and Genome Evolution of Wild and Domestic Yeast Populations
Dr Feng-Yan Bai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Prof Han Wösten, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Workshop Sessions 3

Biocontrol / Mycorrhiza / Endophytic Fungi
Roberto Nascimento Silva, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Genomics and Molecular Pathogenesis of Insect Pathogenic Fungi
Prof Chendshu Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Tree of life/Biodiversity/Extremophiles I
Mycorrhizal Fungal Diversity in Chinese Subtropical Forest
Liangdong Guo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Teun Boekhout, CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Netherlands

Workshop Sessions 4

ICPA: Advances in the Taxonomy of Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Talaromyces
Aspergillus, Penicillium and Talaromyces: Current Status of Taxonomy and Nomenclature
Robert Samson, CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Netherlands
New Taxonomies of Aspergillus Section Aspergillus, Restricti and Nidulantes
Dr Amanda Chen, China
Extrolite Profiles Support the Monophyly of Aspergillus, Penicillium and Aspergillus
Prof Jens Frisvad, Denmark
Current Developments in the Taxonomy of Clinically Relevant Aspergillus Species
Dr Vit Hubka, Czech Republic
Novel Species in Talaromyces Sect. Islandici, Isolated from Maize, Indoor Air and Other Substrates
Dr Stephen Peterson, USA
Recent Developments in the Classification of Penicillium
Dr Jos Houbraken, Netherlands
"Omics" and Protozoa Parasite Biology and Host Parasite Interaction
Santuza Teixeira, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Zbynek Bozdech, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

Bridging Session
Microbial Evolution and Diversity

Prof Martin Polz, MIT Boston, USA
Prof Antonis Rokas, Vanderbilt University, USA
Prof Eddie Holmes, University of Sydney, Australia

Emerging Diseases

Phenotypic Plasticity in Cryptococcus and the Swiss Army Knife of Virulence
A/Prof Dee Carter, University of Sydney, Australia
Metabolomics and Regulation of Gene Functions Across the Plant-Pathogen Interface
A/Prof Naweed I. Naqvi, National University of Singapore, Singapore

System / Industrial Biology / Synthetic Biology

A/Prof Hal Alper, University of Texas, USA
Dr Hyun Ah Kang, Chung-Ang University, South Korea

Workshop Sessions 5

Common Themes in Human, Animal, and Plant Pathogens II
Morphological and Metabolic Adaptation to Environmental Conditions by Talaromyces Marneffei and Its Role in the Host
Dr Alex Andrianopoulos, University of Melbourne, Australia
Dr Tan Kar-Chun, Curtin University, Australia
Tree of Life / Biodiversity / Extremophiles II
Prof Savitree Limtong, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Prof Tomoyoshi Nozaki, NIID National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan

Workshop Sessions 6

Food Fermentation and Safety
Southeast Asia’s Traditional Fermented Foods and Their Safety
Prof Endang Rahayu, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
Ochratoxin A in Soybean Fermented Products and Its Bio-Reduction
Soo Hyun-Chung, Republic of Korea
Mycobiota of Korean Traditional Meju and Their Industrial Use
Seung-Beom Hong, Republic of Korea
Signalling / Signalling Circuits
Sun-Bahn Yong, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
Prof Gustavo Goldman, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Inter Kingdom Crosstalk

A/Prof Duur Aanen, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Dr Jonathan Plett, Western Sydney University, Australia

Genomics / Large Scale Analysis / Evolution

Dr Toni Gabaldon, Comparative Genomics Group CRG-Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain
Adaptive Evolution: Don’t Fix What’s Broken
A/Prof Giulia Rancati, A*STAR, Singapore

Workshop Sessions 7

Cell Biology and Function
Ee Sin Chen, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Tu Anh Nguyen, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Biotechnology I
New Metabolic Regulation and Physiological Function of Amino Acids Found in Yeast and Their Application to Breeding
Hiroshi Takagi, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Andrea Camattari, A*STAR, Singapore

Workshop Sessions 8

ICFM / ICFMH: Food Pathogens and Mycotoxins
Andrea Rajkovic, Ghent University, Belgium
Dr Jos Houbraken, Netherlands
Prof Jens Frisvad, Denmark
Prof Vasilis Valdramidis, Malta
Biotechnology II
Fostering Synergy Between Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology to Improve Filamentous Fungal Cell Factories
Prof/Dr Vera Meyer, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Yvonne Chow, A*STAR, Singapore

Bridging Session
Immunity and Immune Evasion

Prof Stuart Levitz, University of Massachusetts, USA
Dr Tiffany Reese, UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Mycobiome and Protozobiome

Niranjan Nagarajan, A*STAR, Singapore
Dr Laurent Renia, A*STAR, Singapore

Food Security / Safety

A/Prof Alexander Idnurm, University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof Yang Liu, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China

*Updated as of 19 April 2017. Programme is subjected to changes.