15th International Congress of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology

Monday 17 July
Tuesday 18 July
Wednesday 19 July
Thursday 20 July
Friday 21 July

Bridging Session
Frontiers in Structural Microbiology

Dr Eric Westhof, Université de Strasbourg, France
Prof Erica Saphire, The Scripps Research Institute, USA

Workshop Session 1

Bacterial Metabolism 1
Wolfgang Zimmermann, University of Leipzig, Germany
Antimicrobial Peptides and Antimicrobial Resistance
Rosalba Lagos, Universidad de Chile, Chile
John Chen, NUS, Singapore
Bacterial Secretion and Membranes Biosynthesis
Shu Sin Chng, NUS, Singapore

Workshop Session 2

Bacterial Metabolism 2
Jung-Hye Roe, Seoul National University, South Korea
Wen Shan Yew, NUS, Singapore
Pathogens and Infections 1
Bindu Sukumaran, Duke-NUS, Singapore
Bacterial Division and Morphogenesis
Miguel Vicente, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain

Rational Design of Vaccines

The Most Successful Pathogen on Earth: Tuberculosis Research from Bench to Bed and Back to Bench
Prof Stefan Kaufman, Max Plank, Germany
Mariagrazia Pizza, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Italy

Arima and Mudd Awards Ceremony

'Science and Society: Infectious diseases as an example'
Prof Jörg Hacker, President of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina – National Academy of Sciences

Bacterial Ecology

Factors Affecting Cultivability of Microorganisms on Solidified Media
Dr Yochi Kamagata, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
A Taxonomy for the Uncultured
Dr Ramón Roselló-Mora, IMEDEA, CSIC-UIB, Spain

Applied Microbiology

How Environmental Bacteria Conquest New Chemical Landscapes and Some Take Home Lessons
Prof Victor de Lorenzo, Centro Nacional Biotecnologia, CSIC, Spain
Prof Chase Beisel, North Carilina State University, USA

Yakult Sponsored Lunch Symposium

Gut Microbiota and Ulcerative Colitis Prof Toshifumi Ohkusa, The Jikei University Kashiwa Hospital

Workshop Session 3

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 1
Ee Lui Ang, A*STAR, Singapore
Pathogens and Infections 2
Tomoko Kubori, Osaka University, Japan
Environmental Microbiology 1
Staffan Kjelleberg, University of New South Wales, Australia
Alternatives to Antibiotics
Liz Harry, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Workshop Session 4

Bacteria Regulation, Evolution, and Gene Transfer
Veronique Arluison, University of Paris, France
Pathogens and Infections 3
Koichi Kuwano, Kurume University, Japan
Biofilm and Quorum Sensing
Mark Schembri, University of Queensland, Australia

Bridging Session
Microbial Evolution and Diversity

Prof Martin Polz, MIT Boston, USA
Prof Antonis Rokas, Vanderbilt University, USA
Prof Eddie Holmes, University of Sydney, Australia

Transcription Regulation

Prof Irina Artsimovitch, Ohio State University, USA

Cell Division and Morphogenesis

Dr Tanneke den Blaauwen, Universiteti van Amsterdam, Netherlands
Regulation of Bacterial Cell Wall Growth
Prof Waldemar Vollmer, Newcastle University, UK

Workshop Session 5

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2
Sang-Ki Rhee, Soon Chun Hyang University, Korea
Pathogens and Infections 4
Kimberly Kline, NTU, Singapore
Mycobacterium and Tuberculosis
Catherine Ong, NUHS, Singapore
A/Prof Yunn Hwen Gan, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Workshop Session 6

Bacterial Structures and Structural Microbiology
Rafael Giraldo, CIB, CSIC, Spaij
Models of Host-Pathogens Interactions
Christoph Tang, University of Oxford UK
Omics Technology for Bacterial Analysis and System Microbiology 1
Molecular Systems Biology of Complex Communities: Approaches to the Integrated Study of Composition and Function
Prof Rohan Williams, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Bridging Session
Microbes and Climate Change

Carlos Pedrós-Alió, National Center for Biotechnology (CSIC) in Madrid, Spain
Prof Lynne Boddy, Cardiff School of Biosciences, UK

Super Resolution Microscopy in Bacteria

Prof Linda Kenney, University of Illinois, USA
Insight Into the Dynamics and Function of the Bacterial Tubulin FtsZ in Cell Division and Morphogenesis
A/Prof Jie Xiao, John Hopkins University, USA

Modulating Microbiota

Alex Mira, FISABIO, Valencia, Spain
Human Diet, Ethnicity & Microbiota Association, Implications in Health & Disease
Prof Yuan Kun Lee, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Workshop Session 7

Environmental Microbiology 2
Xiuzhu Dong Chinese Academy of Science, China
Microbial Response and Adaption
Diego de Mendoza, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina
Omics Technology for Bacterial Analysis and System Microbiology 2
Dorte Becher, University of Greifswald, Germany
E. Coli Pathogenesis
Eliora Ron, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Workshop Session 8

Microbial Ecology
Dr Yochi Kamagata, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
Probiotic and Microbiome
Prof Yuan Kun Lee, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 3
Swaine Chen, NUS, Singapore
Global Regulation and Signalling
Angelika Grundling, Imperial College of London, UK

Bridging Session
Immunity and Immune Evasion

Dr Mariagrazia Pizza, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Italy
Prof Stuart Levitz, University of Massachusetts, USA
Dr Tiffany Reese, UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Pathogens and Interactions with the Host

Prof Brigitte Gicquel, Institute Pasteur, France
A/Prof Cynthia Whitchurch, University of Technology, Sydney

Regulation by sRNAs

RNA Chaperone Hfq Regulation of Mutagenesis in E. Coli
Dr Susan Gottesman, National Cancer Institute, USA
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Utilizes Small Regulatory RNAs to Control Virulence Gene Expression
Prof Stephen Lory, Harvard Medical School, USA

*Updated as of 16 June 2017. Programme is subjected to changes.